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Receive 11 recruits each week

Perform up to 10 searches

Coach identifies preferences and positions based on program needs

Recruits that “fit” the program are sent to coach via a mobile app

Ability to search the scoutSMART database

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Power Package


Max 300 Recruits:
$250 per Month or $2,700 per Year

Max 500 Recruits:
$375 per Month or $4,000 per Year

Unlimited Recruits:
$599 per Month or $6,500 per Year

Coaches can access and track recruits

Coach ability to save and rate recruits using skillSCORE

Dashboard capability / Compare Recruits

Includes FirstView mobile app with unlimited search and 50 recruits / week

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Champion Package


$1,499 per Month

$16,200 per Year

Unlimited Recruits

Integration with existing recruiting systems

Customized reports

All functionality in Power Package including FirstView mobile app

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